What to Wear Snowboarding

Every sport has its own set of clothing that are designed to keep you safe and comfortable while you are participating in that sport.  Snowboarding is no exception, you need the right gear or you will freeze not to mention hurt yourself on the slopes.  Sports clothing doesn’t just protect you most are designed to enhance your performance as well.  Any sport where speed is a factor has clothing designed to be aerodynamic and to protect you from wind.  If you are wondering what to wear snowboarding,you start with layers. 

First Layer

The first layer of clothing that you put on is next to your body, (underwear, socks and t-shirts) and it is meant to keep you warm, you want warm air next to your body and you want to wick away any sweat or moisture.  Right off the bat you don’t want anything made of cotton.  Look for a synthetic material that is designed to do just that, polypropylene will keep you warm but not sweaty.  How thick your clothing will be depends on how cold it is outside.  On really cold days make the inner layer one with a lot of insulation.

Middle Layer

The middle layer is also designed to keep you warm and well insulated.  On this layer you can wear things like fleece or wool sweaters.  There are other synthetic materials that you can buy at a sporting goods store that will help keep you warm and repel moisture if you start to sweat.  You want to be able to remove this layer if it gets too warm. 

The Outer Layer

This is the snowsuit or ski suit that you wear on the slopes.  You want it to be made from a windproof material like nylon or something similar.  If you can get gear that is breathable then so much the better.  In this layer you need materials that aren’t too bulky and allow you to move your arms and legs freely so that you maintain your balance when on your snowboard. 

You also need some safety equipment which will include an good pair of gloves or mittens and a hat.  You lose heat through your extremities first so invest in some really good gloves. Get a hat that fits snugly to your head and can go under your helmet easily.  You might also want to get a good pair of goggles that can protect your eyes.  The sun is extremely bright reflecting off the snow and there is a lot of wind.  The last thing you need is a good pair of snow boots that fit well and keep your feet warm. 

There you have it, now you’re ready to hit the slopes and have some fun!