The Charlotte Ski Bees, Inc., came into being primarily through the efforts of Doug Little in February of 1963. Doug was elected President of the new organization. Other founding officers were Ralph Tate, Betsy Tate, Harry Bush, and Dick Abney.

From an initial membership of 40, the club has grown over the years and currently has a membership of approx. 350. The organization has evolved from one whose primary function was the organization of group Western trips to one which promotes year-round activities. Although the club‘s main goal is to promote snow skiing, members now take advantage of numerous social events, organized outdoor activities, and group participation in worthwhile civic functions.

Ralph Tate, one of the original Ski Bees officers, was instrumental the formation of the Crescent Ski Council during the spring of 1969. This council was an organization of ski clubs in the area that did much to promote skiing and membership in area clubs, the ultimate result of this effort was the building of a strong base for the growth of The Charlotte Ski Bees and other clubs.

Another outgrowth of the Crescent Ski Council was the establishment of competitive racing. Over the years, the Ski Bees have won numerous trophies and cash awards for their efforts. In addition, by winning local and regional events, these Ski Bees have represented Charlotte in national competition.

The club was founded through the dedication and loyalty of certain early members. Today, it is this same dedication and support that allows The Charlotte Ski Bees, Inc., to remain one of the most successful organizations of its kind in the area.

Greg Kennedy 2007-2009
Pat Harvey 2005-2007
Cindy Duke 2003-2005
Larry W. Duncan 2000-2003
Duane M. Hirsch 1998-2000
Betty Housel 1997-1998
Craig Sheppard 1995-1997
Sandy Mixon 1994-1995
Bob Hayler 1993-1994
Wayne McBrayer 1992-1993
Bill Hasskamp 1991-1992
Dan Quigley 1990-1991
Linda Hall 1988-1990
Rod Gatlin 1986-1988
Marsha McClellan 1984-1986
Denver Board 1983-1984
Bill Vassar 1982-1983
Denver Board 1981-1982
Rick Harris 1980-1981
Gordon Vail 1979-1980
Charlie Primm 1978-1979
Jack Mattingly 1977-1978
John Watkins 1976-1977
Harmon Reed 1975-1976
Woody Gain 1974-1975
Jack Barnhardt 1973-1974
Bob O‘Neill 1972-1973
John Andrews 1971-1972
Jim Cogdell 1970-1971
Sandy Mitchell 1969-1970
Karl Zimmerman and Rick Mitchell 1968-1969
Art Artemes 1967-1968
Bill Gwinn 1966-1967
Ralph Tate 1965-1966
Doug Patton 1964-1965
Doug Little 1963-1964